2019 Exitcycle Seminar

Exitcycle Educational Panel Discussion for Universities and Local Government

Lighting Council Australia recently hosted an educational panel discussion on improving participation in the Exitcycle scheme. Four industry panellists participated who shared their views to the audience which included Queensland Government representatives, electrical contractors and lighting manufacturers. The panel was chaired by John Brent, the former Mayor of Boonah who had held the position for 25 years

Panellists who presented included Michael Duce of Clevertronics, Leonard D’Costa from MRI e-cycle solutions, John Polhill from Envirostream and Helena Malawkin who represented the University of Queensland. Panellists and attendees discussed recycling toxic batteries from end-of-life lighting and the barriers to recycling for Australians from different perspectives.

The discussion proved beneficial for both the attendees and the panellists with some informative discussion prevailing throughout the event. A lack of awareness amongst facilities managers and local government is high and acts as a considerable barrier.

In conclusion, all panellists highlighted the importance of the role which Exitcycle plays and that it must continue to be industry lead to achieve positive outcomes. Ultimately, participation in the scheme will increase awareness from key stakeholders and, in turn, increase battery recycling rates in Australia.

A huge thank you must go to John Brent and the panellists for the discussion.